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About the Company Introduction
Newtac Global Solutions Inc. provides corporate IT and globalization solutions to multinational companies in support of international business. As a leading IT service provider and offshore software development company, founded in 2003, Newtac offers a full range of services including globalization and localization solutions, e-business solutions, translation and language services, quality assurance and testing services.

The company works seamlessly across an international platform to enable our customers to maximize their potential in international markets. All Newtac services are custom designed for each local market and business environment in which the company operates. We achieve our mission by making sure our customers achieve theirs.

Newtac has grown as a direct result of the globalization of world business.  As our clients expand from domestic to international markets, we are there to provide the support they need for both commercial and technological services.  We have successfully completed projects for a large number of companies in their own sectors and have become a leading player in the industry.

Add value to enterprises that seek to globalize and bridge the gap between cultures.

To become the most cost-effective and quality-assured IT and globalization service provider by consistently exceeding the requirements of our customers, partners and employees.