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About the Company Why Choose Newtac
Newtac is dedicated to working with each individual client provide a solution that will suit the needs of the client and the market in which they are seeking to develop. We deliver premium quality services and products at the most favorable cost, thereby imparting considerable value to our client enterprises worldwide.

Delivery Model

In business, all global companies strive to improve the quality of their product or service offerings and yet they each have unique requirements corresponding to their fields. At Newtac, we work closely with our client companies to come up with end-to-end solutions that fit their specific needs. Our clients benefit from our low cost services, low risk engagement policies and superb quality of service.

Newtac employs an effective Onshore/Offshore approach to service that takes advantage of onshore program and management expertise and low-cost offshore production. This optimal balance accommodates the strategic need for large, offshore execution at lower rates, while retaining the expertise and high-end skills of our professional staff in our North American operation centers. The end result is a flexible, scalable and cost-efficient solution that delivers predictable business outcomes in a shorter time frame.

Our Onshore/Offshore model allows us to offer 24/7 support and maintenance. We offer support via phone, e-mail, instant messaging and if needed, through web meetings. Our onshore team is responsible for onsite troubleshooting, handling user queries and resolving them, while the offshore team is responsible for handling major issues, project execution, report writing and quality assurance.

Our staff members are extremely experienced and hard-working and all have a nuanced understanding of different cultures, producing efficient results that have received wide acclaim from clients in the past. We understand what local clients are looking for and are ready to facilitate communication between you and a huge population of future customers.  Our services that infuse specialized technologies with a resonating local touch have proven particularly successful among companies wishing to establish themselves in China and the robust emerging markets of Asia.

Client Engagement

Our Engagement Models are designed to provide long-term, consistent support to our clients by bringing innovation, product roll-out support and consistently meeting timelines

Clients can choose to hire our R&D staff and engineers with technical expertise in cutting edge technologies to enhance and supplement their existing teams or build a brand new team.

Our Engagement Models support complete success for your project by providing resource flexibility, extensive scalability, cost and time efficiencies and the ability to adjust to peak loads.  To meet clients’ explicit business objectives, our Model incorporates a pool of specialized and multi-informed resources that are managed and organized.  Our Engagement Model offers you compete support starting from the conceptual stage and continuing throughout the project, working with you to achieve your desired business goals.

At Newtac, we deliver our services while keeping in mind our clients’ business needs and budgets. Our Onshore/Offshore model gives you access to your own virtual project team with the same level of commitment you expect from domestic professionals coupled with the benefit of offshore staffing economies.


Newtac takes special care to protect the confidentiality of clients' business data at all times. Measures taken to maintain confidentiality are:
  • All our employees internal or external alike will sign Confidentiality and Non-disclosure contracts.
  • Each project there is an access control and documentation management system in place.
  • Projects developed for a client can only be accessed by developers, engineers, linguistic professional and quality assurance team members.


We use web meetings, video conferencing, instant messaging, email, regular and VOIP phone calls and to ensure smooth communication. Your project team members will be assigned work hours that overlap with the US business day, depending on their responsibilities; to enable timely communication and to eliminate any project delays that might be caused by global time zone differences.


Our software engineers are well versed in the most popular and robust technologies, enabling us to collaborate on projects that use any of the following platforms, among others. 
    Java / J2EE
    Business Intelligence
    Cloud Computing