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Newtac follows a strict and documented QA Model, ensuring high-quality, and accurate localization for software, IT content, technical manuals, and marketing materials. We use, and have experts experienced in, virtually all standard localization tools and many proprietary and special tools that we draw on when localizing your product.

Software localization demands total accuracy, specialized cultural knowledge and a high level of organization.  Newtac’s localization engineering team is able to evaluate, extract and reintegrate all types of content for all file types.

The scalability of a global network - Our process allows you to work with a lead localization engineer, located near you, who works with a large engineering team in our production center in China. Our engineers are local to you but have the resources of a global network.

Our process saves you time and money.  Our engineers have both technology and a huge network of global resources.  They are able to produce high quality work with rapid turnaround time for lower cost.

A single point of contact for all your projects - removing complexity and streamlining communication