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Working with a perfect combination of in-house specialized translators and native speakers, Newtac offers translation services for over twenty different languages in many varied input formats. Translation Memory tools aid our skilled linguists to provide terminology individually tailored to your company. To streamline translation and workflow, Newtac uses the following proven tools to deliver consistent results:

  2. Catalyst
  3. Multiterm
  4. Multilizer
  5. IBM TM/Win
  6. Idiom WorldServer
  7. RoboHelp
  8. Tran Studio
  9. Adobe Captivate

Newtac has extensive expertise in translating and editing the following content types; Documentation

  • Software
  • Marketing
  • Website
  • Industry Specific Contents

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Our Desktop/Technical Publishing services ensure that page layout and style are compliant with the target language standards and desired output formats.

E-Learning & Multimedia

We specialize in offering comprehensive solutions for e-learning and multimedia localization including audio/video editing and engineering, voice-over recording, flash animation and integration, script localization, along with quality assurance testing.

Localization Engineering and Quality Assurance

With nine years of localization experience Newtac has extensive experience with all commonly used localization and engineering tools, DTP and multimedia application and QA and testing software. Our engineering teams always stay up-to-date of newly released solutions while maintaining older, as well as all current versions of engineering tools.

Diverse Engineering Services - Newtac has experienced engineering resources to assist with G11n engineering, L10n engineering, testing and automation as well as tool development.

Technology in play - Thorough performance testing and source code editing of functions such as menus, links, dialog boxes and help files improve the user experience. Newtac doesn't just offer testing but can also compile help files and convert existing files to other formats.

We offer source code redevelopment, editing in Visual C++/C, VB, .Net, Java, Php, SQL and many more. We support output with literally all kinds of formats.