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About the Company OFFERINGS
Newtac is a privately owned company that provides IT and globalization solutions to many large and mid-sized organizations that have recognized the Company’s expertise in these fields. We are dedicated to working with each individual client to create a software development, globalization and localization framework and methodology that will suit the needs of the client and the market they are seeking to develop. We deliver premium quality services and products at the most favorable cost, thereby imparting considerable value to our client enterprises worldwide. Our staff members are extremely hard working and all have a nuanced understanding of both Western and Chinese cultures, producing efficient results that have received wide acclaim from clients in the past. Our services that integrate specialized technologies with a local touch have proven particularly successful among companies wishing to establish themselves in China and around the world.

Our service offerings include:

1. Globalization, Localization And Engineering Solutions
2. E-Business Solutions
3. Business Services
4. Quality Assurance and Testing