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About the Company Globalization & Localization And Engineering Solutions

Strategy Support and Consulting

Prepare your business for globalization with Newtac localization consulting. Newtac can review your company’s localization and translation strategy to provide you with actionable recommendations for succeeding in global markets.

Our US based consulting team is fully equipped to advise you on all aspects of localization as you consider moving into new markets: we draw on many years of experience working with the world's top companies. Our business analysts can collaborate with you on-site to discuss your needs in detail and establish a plan of action.

Our analysts will advise you on the best combination of technology and services to help you achieve:

  1. Reduced costs for localization and translation operations
  2. Management procedures to streamline your processes and reduce time-to-market On-time, on-budget project completion

As a strategic partner, we will:

  • Assess your localization processes in light of your global corporate objectives
  • Advise you on best practices
  • Evaluate your adoption of technology within the localization process, including Translation Memory (TM) strategy and writing for a global audience
  • Develop plans to improve your international brand identity.
  • Recommend improvements that can be made to linguistic assets, processes and content.

Web-Based Project Management

Localization is one of our core businesses. With our onshore and offshore experienced management team members and a wide external resource pool of localization industry professionals, Newtac provides superb localization services in up to fourty languages. Our rich project management experience and resources combined with our software development and testing teams ensure our ability to complete projects on time with high quality and low cost regardless of size, complexity and language coverage.

Our service is enabled by a well-designed framework of best practices combining global web-based project management, proven localization processes and workflows, and utilization of the latest technologies and tools, with continuous internal development on proprietary tools. Our ongoing R&D efforts in process, resource, client support management and strict quality control ensure the quality of every project we deliver.

With great partnerships, successful go-to market strategies and a well-developed delivery and support structure, Newtac becomes a leading outsourcing provider in both China and US market with high growth rates. Newtac is your ideal partner to work with for globalization, localization and testing services in a cost effective manner.

Global Crowdsourcing

Major product launches consist of distributing a multitude of materials and files to a vast network of stakeholders across language-specific and regional markets. Hand-offs from authors and developers to language service providers and reviewers only increase in scope with the addition of more languages. At the same time, global organizations depend on their user base or community to generate content that in turn also need language services. How do you manage and collaborate with all of the players in the supply chain? Newtac provides an on-demand solution through crowdsourcing web portals that engages translators, editors, proofreaders, project manager and clients and allows them to collaborate on the language service process.