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About the Company Quality Assurance and Testing
Companies rely on Quality Assurance and Testing to help them develop applications faster and with fewer defects. With spiraling costs, shorter software cycles, and increasingly complex applications, outsourcing with the right partner can greatly enhance your project's success. Newtac offers customized integrated manual and automated test practices according to your organization's business needs. With in-depth multi-domain expertise across multiple industries, we draw upon quality CMMI and ISO9001 standards to provide highly efficient context-specific improvement solutions.

Application defects can present a minor problem that can be easily corrected or a major debacle that results in serious losses in revenue, compromises in quality, and missed opportunities.  Your company’s software applications can’t afford to fail; and Newtac can make sure that they won’t.  Our award winning testing skills, ROI-focused testing strategies, and risk-based testing optimization offer many tangible business benefits and safeguard ongoing product excellence.